Welcome to Shop Buy Aus

An online store to connect shoppers with Australian products

Our aim at Shop Buy Aus is to create a haven for people to source the best Australian owned, made and designed products and gifts on the market. In turn, we support homegrown small business to thrive whilst providing easy access to Australian products in a single online location.

We are passionate about filling the gap between Australian manufacturers and designers and getting those products to consumers. Australian owned products are some of the best in the world! We want to make them more accessible and easier for everyone to source and purchase.

Why Buy Australian Products?

There has never been a greater need to support Australian small business. Small business in Australia equates for 35% of our Gross Domestic Profit and employs 44% of the entire Australian workforce. Not only that, Australia owns, designs and produces some of the highest quality and innovative products right on our own doorstep.

When the COVID 19 Pandemic hit, we knew it was time to finally turn our dream into a reality. We needed to create a catalyst for change. A reason for people to buy local. We wanted to help change people’s perceptions and buying habits to consider buying Australian made first.

What we found was a hole in the market for a beautiful, simple and functional place to buy Australian products online. Products sourced from small business owners across the country. From mother and daughter designer teams in coastal Queensland to best friend duos in outback NSW. What we needed was a platform to showcase the unique and quality-made products Australia has to offer and a simple avenue for people to buy them.

That’s why we created Shop Buy Aus.

Owned by Australians.
Made by Australians.
Loved by Australians.

So let’s come together and support Australian made, owned and designed products and help Aussie business grow stronger.

Supporting Aussie Families & Helping the Planet

Simplifying your shopping experience 

Gone are the days of searching endless marketplaces to source quality, Aussie products. With Shop Buy Aus, we have done all the hard work for you! Order everything you need in a single online shopping destination.

We are proud to work with other Australian-owned businesses to source environmentally friendly packaging. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and, where possible, Australian Made.

All our Australian-sourced products are lovingly packaged by our team and shipped off to you. That means one transaction and one shipping fee. That’s less packaging materials, less shipping boxes and fewer delivery cars on the road. Fewer cars mean less emissions and a happier planet.

One Cart

One Transaction

One Package

Eco Packaging

One Shipping Fee

Let’s come together and support Australian made, owned and designed products and help Aussie business grow stronger.